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Dermaquest: Review & Comparison

The popularity of Dermaquest beauty products is the classic example of people becoming more conscious of their looks and investing in expensive treatments to retain the attractiveness and freshness of youth. The products deal exclusively with the task of giving women a smooth and clear youthful skin.


Dermaquest skin care products were introduced in the market in 1999. These products contain chemicals that meet the approval of professionals and have been clinically tested as having no side effects. The products fall under six categories: Acne Management, used for treating breakout of acne in teenagers and adults; Age management, which helps by reversing the skin’s ageing process; Masters that is used to keep the skin hydrated and enhance the production of collagen; Therapeutic care, generally used for professionally treating hyper pigmentation and Rosacea; Physician Level, which includes therapies that can be performed only by professionals.

Product Details

Dermaquest products are targeted mainly at women who suffer from acne, hyper pigmentation, blemishes, wrinkles and sun damaged skin. Some of the active ingredients in these products are Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Emu Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate and ASC III. All these chemicals are proven to have beneficial effects on the skin. Regular use of the products can help control occurrence of acne and reverse ageing of the skin.

What’s Positive

- Dermaquest products are made to suit all skin types.
- The official website has testimonials written by satisfied customers that provide deeper insight of the products to potential customers.
- The site discusses in detail the ingredients used in all the products.

What’s Negative

- There is no 100% money back guarantee in case one is not satisfied with the results of Dermaquest.
- Not all the products can be acquired at individual level since some are meant for only professional treatments.
- The website does not have provision of ordering the products online. The products can be bought only from third party dealers. So one needs to be cautious of being duped monetarily or in the quality of the product sold.
- The site does not offer any samples for free trials.
Dermaquest offers products that will sound appealing to a lot of women. But one needs to remember that not all its products are available for use to individuals. Some products are sold only to licensed doctors who use them for treatments at professional level. Also, unsatisfied users cannot claim back their money and there are no free trials offered.