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Dermectin: Review & Comparison

If you’re a middle aged or aging woman looking for an anti aging treatment specially designed for you, Dermectin is probably a good choice. Dermectin promises to help reduce wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and other facial damage along with collagen regeneration of aging skin.


Dermectin is a range of anti aging products, each containing the exclusive Dermacin Peptide Complex, marketed especially for the middle aged woman as a cell renewal genius that will do away with wrinkles. These anti wrinkle products are manufactured by California based company – PureTek Corporation.
PureTek offers a whole variety of anti aging treatments in its Dermectin range - from wrinkle reduction to eye renewal and stretch mark relief to scar treatment – covering every possible skin damage issue.

Product Details

The main ingredient of Dermectin anti aging products is but obviously its own Dermacin Peptide Complex. Other active ingredients include amino acids, botanicals, green tea extract, and antioxidants. For a more detailed ingredient list you would probably have to buy the product. While all these are tried and tested ingredients, the peptide complex is probably what sets Dermectin apart and helps middle aged women combat aging issues such as crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots etc.

What’s Positive

Dermectin anti aging products can easily be purchased from a drugstore. The company claims that the anti aging treatments of the Dermectin brand have undergone dermatological testing and are hypoallergenic.
The company offers a variety of products suited for each individual purpose.

What’s Negative

The website doesn’t offer detailed information about the ingredients used in its products. The exact use and purpose of Dermectin’s Dermacin Peptide Complex is yet to be established. Dermectin products cannot be purchased from the website, and does not list a price either.

Bottom Line

Without a real trial of the product, and no customer testimonials to go by, it is hard to determine exactly how well Dermectin is doing in the market.
Its products are likely to get lost among the millions of other anti aging products unless its exclusive ingredient really does prove to be something fantastic. While the website does offer clinical data of dermatological tests, we’re still waiting to hear from the middle aged ladies who have give Dermectin products, a shot.