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DERMed: Review & Comparison

The Institut’ DERMed or simply DERMed for short, was founded by “master esthetician” Lynn Ross in 1989. The website claims that DERMed focuses on “education and innovation” in the world of anti aging cosmetic products.


The Institut’ DERMed aims to innovate and educate the consumers in the field of cosmetic products developed for anti wrinkle and anti aging purposes. Their products claim to use only the best active ingredients to make you look youthful and radiant. In short, DERMed hopes to be the brand of anti aging treatments you turn to, when you realize that doctor-administered anti aging treatments just aren’t your scene!

Product Details

DERMed products aren’t limited to anti aging treatments alone. The brand offers a whole skin care range to help women deal with skin issues like acne, photoaging, pigmentation, brown spots, and Rosacea.
While ingredients used in each type of product vary, some of the chief active ingredients used by the DERMed brand are Glycolic Acid (helps exfoliate lifeless dead skin), L-Retinol (helps cell generation), Shea Butter (helps to soothe and moisturize), Gallic Acid, Kojic Acid and Licorice Root Extract (provide a calming effect).

What’s Positive

DERMed offers a wide range of products for every kind of skin issue. All products with prices are listed on the website and are easily available through the website. Moreover, all DERMed products contain a little moisturizer to help your skin get a little hydrated. Institut’ DERMed products are meant to suit all commonly known skin types. If you purchase a DERMed product through its website and don’t like it, they offer a 10-day money-back guarantee as well.

What’s Negative

A full ingredient list is hard to get a hold of for DERMed products. There is no clinical data provided for the claims made by the company.
Several modern key anti aging key ingredients haven’t been mentioned, hence, it is difficult to establish whether active ingredients are indeed used in the DERMed anti aging treatments.

Bottom Line

Obviously the Institut’ DERMed offers a whole variety of skin care products and might therefore be a good brand to use. Hopefully DERMed will live up to its claim of constant “education and innovation” in the field because they do release a new treatment every few days.