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Dermika: Review & Comparison

This European manufacturer of skin care products, originally from Poland has established quite a name for itself over its 14-year expertise in the market. Dermika Cosmetics is constantly developing new anti aging products for the young and the mature.


Dermika offers its customers only the very best and incorporates the latest medical advancements with the most recent developments in biotechnology to deliver a fabulous range of anti wrinkle treatments.
Ingredients used in Dermika products are scientifically researched and tested, even for allergies. With all the trouble that it seems to go through to develop a good skin care range, it is little wonder that Dermika has received over 50 awards in the cosmetic industry.

Product Details

Dermika’s products are designed to make you appear youthful. If you are in the younger age bracket, it offers you the perfect anti aging product to delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you are in the older age group, Dermika gives you an anti wrinkle treatment that claims to diminish the appearance of these wrinkles and fine lines. Dermika proudly caters to a variety of individual needs.
Due to the huge variety of anti aging treatments offered by Dermika it is impossible to list all of the ingredients here. However, let it is sufficient to say that Dermika is always a step ahead of most other cosmoceutical companies as it uses only the best and the most modern ingredients available.

What’s Positive

The company claims that all its products are clinically tested, even for allergies. Dermika has received various awards, and this is always a positive sign for any skin care company. It incorporates medical advancements with the latest in biotechnology. It caters to various individual needs and has products specifically for younger and mature groups. The Dermika products sell for a pretty reasonable price. The website offers customers the option of consulting a dermatologist before purchasing any product and even recommends it. If not, you can fill out a computer generated form which will help you search for the perfect product online. The Dermika brand offers a large variety of products. It offers anti aging treatments for both women and men.

What’s Negative

All ingredients aren’t listed on the website. Only a list of active ingredients can be found for most products. Dermika does not provide the option of buying products directly from their website.

Bottom Line

When you choose a product from a company as well established as Dermika, you are probably on the right track. If only they had a more detailed ingredient list, to make everything perfect!