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Dermitage: Review & Comparison

Dermitage seems to be offering good anti-wrinkle treatment, but the manufacturer must work more towards achieving positive reviews to gain better acceptance.


Dermitage is an anti-aging cream that claims to perform magic on the skin, the results of which are visible within 10 minutes of application. Like most other anti-aging creams available in the market, Dermitage attacks the wrinkles armed with collagen. Collagen is an essential substance in the human body that keeps the skin young and healthy. The level of collagen in the body decreases with age.
Dermitage, however, differs in its treatment methodology. Unlike similar products in the market, this one offers a two-step anti-wrinkle treatment. The first step involves lifting the skin with the help of a particular cream, and the second step renews the skin with another cream. Consumers also get to subscribe at the official website, wherein the manufacturer sends a fresh supply, whenever you need one.

Product Details

Dermitage is primarily made of patented Lifting Spheres, anti-oxidants, and Hyaluronic Acid. The product has adopted QuSome delivery system that supposedly enables other active ingredients to penetrate the superficial level to reach deeper layers of the skin. The Instant Lifting Cream, on the other hand, raises collagen production employing certain Glucosamine complex. Moreover, the product is made of natural oils, and hence, suitable for all skin types.

What’s Positive

Dermitage uses proven active ingredients and anti-oxidants that are suitable for all skin types. Moreover, it is offered on a trail basis, and after user satisfaction, it is available on subscription of $69.95 per month.
Dermitage appears to be advertising aggressively via banner ads on various high-profile websites.

What’s Negative

The product is difficult to obtain since it is only available on the official website. Its claims of reducing fine lines within 10 minutes of application sound a bit aggressive.

Bottom Line

Dermitage comes across as a good alternative to collagen injections used in various spa treatments. However, the reviews have not been very favorable. Also, the official page could do with a more professional touch.