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Diadermine: Review & Comparison


Manufactured by Schwarz Koph and Henkel, Germany, Diadermine is an anti-wrinkle cream that is unique as it works on the fine lines in a three-dimensional manner. The company claims the product to be high performance cream that goes a long way in rejuvenating the skin, to give it a young appearance. Its technique ‘plumps’ fine lines across the three dimensions, targeting them at their source, and then repairs them, to make the skin youthful. The wrinkles are supposedly plumped from inside, depth, in length, as well as surface, for more effect.

Product Details

Product details on Diadermine in English are difficult to obtain, as all the instructions on the cream as well on the website, about the cream, are in German. The product enjoys good market share in Europe, especially in France and Spain, but is yet to hit the stores in the US. Those who are inclined to buy the cream can however get it online; many retailers offer an English translation of the cream’s usage, so insist for the same from your retailer. There are no reviews about the product available in English.

What’s Positive

The good thing about this product is that its manufacturer has an easy-to-navigate official website. Also, the cream is very popular in Europe, particularly Spain and France. The product costs approximately $125.

What’s Negative

The official website does not offer direct sale of Diadermine. Moreover, the product is difficult to find in the US. Only few online stores sell this product, and the online affair could be expensive. This turns away an average buyer, more so in the absence of a marketing strategy, like a free gift or a money back offer. In addition, all the product-related information is in German, a language not everyone knows.

Bottom Line

There is not much information about Diadermine in the public domain, expect for the fact that it sells well in Europe. Also, there are no standardized controlled tests to prove the product’s effectiveness on the human skin. Only if you are able to get an English translation of the product, go for it; otherwise, it makes more sense to go for something that you have tried and tested.