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Distinction Firmalift: Review & Comparison

There are many factors such as a 30-day cash back offer, presence of known ingredients, and detailed product information that are the USP of Distinction Firmalift. However, there are some experts who feel that the product could have included certain other ingredients, to increase its potency.


Distinction Firmalift is a non-surgical kit for face lifting, results of which are visible within 20 minutes of application. The manufacturer claims that after four weeks of application, fine lines and wrinkles reduce considerably. The Distinction Company offers a variety of skin treatments, with a strategy of reduced price on the corresponding product set. There are a number of products in the company’s kitty, such as mask powder, Firmalift, mask activator, skin renewal booster, as well as a face lift brush, among others. Distinction Firmalift is available on the official website and can also be procured through online traders. The website has ample videos, texts, and pictures as testimonials. Also, the product comes with 30-day cash back guarantee, as other products in the company’s kitty.

Product Details

Distinction Firmalift is made of soluble collagen and sodium hyalonurate (hyaluronic acid), popular anti-aging ingredients and elastisome that contains hydrocotyl, butylene glycol, and coneflower. Elastisome forms the backbone of the product, which claims to have a magical effect on the users’ skin. The hydrocotyl component of elastisome is known for its healing power, and is commonly used in antiseptics meant for healing wounds. Coneflower also has healing properties.
The inclusion of hyaluronic acid and soluble collagen in the product is impressive, as these substances have a track record of battling aging efficiently. Substances such as matrixyl 3000 or argireline are, however missing, which could have further boosted the effect of ingredients already present.

What’s Positive

The inclusion of hyaluronic acid and soluble collagen confirm that the product is effective, as these substances have a proven track record of battling aging. The money-back offer also boosts customers’ confidence in the product.

What’s Negative

Besides proven ingredients, Distinction Firmalift contains several synthetic ingredients - whose role in anti-wrinkle treatment is not clear. Moreover, the manufacture encourages using this product along with certain other products, which drives the cost up, through the corresponding product set is available at discounted prices. Also, the ‘20 minutes’ challenge thrown by the company sounds risky, as any good product takes some time to show effect.

Bottom Line

The fact that Distinction Firmalift is reasonably priced and contains known ingredients, go in favor of the product. Moreover, with the 30-day cash back guarantee, the product seems to be worth a try.