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Ecco Bella: Review & Comparison


Ecca Bella’s products contain several natural ingredients. One such ingredient is an advanced antioxidant complex called liposome encapsulated. This complex is supposed to offset the common symptoms of aging. The company uses the research of Dr.Phillip Cohen, a doctor of naturopathy. He is also a doctor of holistic medicine, apart from being a professor of dermatology. The company’s major focus is on sensitive skins and aging, although its formulations are meant for all skin types. Ecco Bella targets dryness, fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles and facial sagging. The company’s products do not contain chemicals, artificial fragrances and preservatives. Ecco Bella also claims that all of its products are free from dairy ingredients. The uniqueness of the company is that it offers a skin care treatment for men with sensitive skin. Overall, the company aims at an alternative treatment regime to chemical skin care treatments and products.

Product Details

Ecco Bella’s products are focused on people with sensitive skin. The company claims to avoid animal testing and chemical ingredients. The primary active ingredient of the company’s product is liposome encapsulated, an advanced antioxidant complex. The company’s products are aimed at preserving the natural beauty of a person.

What’s Positive

You can purchase all the products of Ecco Bella, online. The company’s skincare regimen contains natural moisturizers. The company offers 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with a product. The company cites all the ingredients of its products on its website.

What’s Negative

The products are a bit expensive for average consumers. The company does not show official testimonies to prove the efficiency of its products. The products are primarily targeted at sensitive skins and lack in addressing the concerns of many common skin care problems. Ecco Bella is new as compared to other major players in the skin care market.

Bottom Line

Ecco Bella addresses the issue of chemical based ingredients having harmful effects on sensitive skin types. Many products with chemical based ingredients available in the market irritate sensitive skin, particularly when exposed to the hot sun. Sally Malanga, the company’s founder claims that many skincare products available in the market with cheap chemical ingredients harm the skin rather than improving it. However, some of this company’s creams and moisturizers appear to be good.