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Edom Dead Sea: Review & Comparison

Edom Dead Sea mineral anti-wrinkling cream Q10 is a unique face cream that contains all the natural benefits of salts found in Dead Sea. The company’s product contains the coenzyme Q10, and vitamins E and A that help in controlling the symptoms of aging. Edom Dead Sea’s anti wrinkling cream helps retain the moisture and elasticity of your skin while removing the visual signs of aging.


The company seems to have an innovative approach to skin care, as Edom Dead Sea mineral uses Dead Sea’s salts. Dead Sea is famous for its above-average concentration of minerals and salts. Dead Sea’s salts are said to offer therapeutic healing powers. However, it is unclear where the company’s products are manufactured. Since the company’s website is multilingual we can conclude that the company has a global foot print. The company’s products are imported by a Canada based import company named Import & Wholesale Edom. The company offers hair products, facial products and body products. The company also offers pre-selected gift packages. The company’s major product is Mineral Anti Wrinkle Cream Q10.

Product Details

Edom Dead Sea uses the coenzyme Q10, vitamin A and E. The company also uses a good amount of salts from the Dead Sea. The company claims that the salts obtained from the Dead Sea consist 10 times more minerals than the salts from other seas. Dead Sea’s salts contain the minerals – iodine, chlorine, potassium, calcium, sodium, bromine and manganese. These salts are said to benefit the skin directly. You may need to use the Edom Dead Sea Mineral Anti Wrinkle Cream Q-10 along with their Night Cream and Eye Cream- two other products of Edom Dead Sea. The UVA/UVB filters contained in the company’s product help to protect your skin against exposure to the sun. Edom Dead Sea is using the coenzyme Q10 which maintains the pH balance.

What’s Positive

Edom Dead Sea’s products have unique ingredients. The company’s products are cheaper when compared to products of other skin care companies and can be ordered from an official Canadian retailer.

What’s Negative

Many points mentioned in the company’s website are not very clear. The company offers neither a trial offer nor a money back guarantee, making it difficult for the new customers to decide whether or not to buy the products. The company does not cite the list of all the ingredients used in its products. There is no information of actual product development and testing.

Bottom Line

It is great that Edom Dead Sea is using unique ingredients. However, the information contained in Edom Dead Sea’s website is vague. On the brighter side, the company’s products are reasonably priced.