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Elemis: Review & Comparison

Elemis products have been in the field since 1989 with its “cutting edge technology and natural active ingredients.” Elemis is a luxury British skin care and spa brand, and its treatment regimes are employed in more than 1200 spas across the world. The company claims that its products are free from animal based collagen, alcohol, mineral oil, synthetic perfumes and detergents. Also, the company does not test its products on animals.


Sean Harrington, Noella Gabriel and Oriele Frank are the people behind the success of Elemis. Natural botanicals, organic extracts, seaweed extracts, essential oils and natural emulsifiers are some of the primary active components of Elemis skin care products. The company offers various anti aging treatments for men, such as lip care, eye care, masks, facial cleansers, sun screen, toners and moisturizers. You can buy the company’s products through its website. The company’s products address the issue of collagen loss, fine lines, dark circles, facial sagging, deep facial wrinkles, crow’s feet, sun damage and age spots. The company also offers comprehensive information about its ingredients. The company however, does not offer 100% money back guarantee.

Product Details

Elemis offers a luxurious line of skin care products both for men and women. The products address all the major issues associated with aging. The company uses natural ingredients and claims that its products are led by science and defined by nature.

What’s Positive

You can easily buy Elemis’ products online. Elemis products contain organic ingredients and no animal based collagen is involved. The company used natural moisturizers. The company has been in skin care business since 1989.

What’s Negative

Elemis’ products do not provide any testimonials on its official website. The company’s products are little expensive for average buyers. The company does not seem to offer 100% money back guarantee for its products. Also, the company does not prove the efficacy of its products by providing real clinical evidence on its website.

Bottom Line

Elemis’ products are unique in many ways, given the absence of animal collagen, animal testing and the presence of natural ingredients. However, one may still wonder that why such a pricey skin care product is not sold with a 100% money back guarantee. The company, however, cites independent clinical trial results for some of its products, such as Pro-Collagen Wrinkle Smooth. If pricing is not an issue with you, you can try Elemis’ high-end skin care product line.