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Elene Collagen Day Cream: Review & Comparison


Elene Paris claims that its Elene Collagen Day Cream protects skin in general and sensitive skin in particular from the harsh rays of the sun. The product reduces the wrinkles while moisturizing the skin at the same time. The company does not provide details of the ingredients of its cream and how the product works. However, many customers feel that the product offers good results.

Product Details

Many sites have discontinued selling Elene Collagen Day Cream, and the company’s official website itself does not sell the product for now. Although this can be due to many reasons, one still wonders whether the cream is efficient enough. Elene Paris simply says that its cream moisturizes the skin cells with NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). A reduction in NMF causes the skin to shrink and leads to wrinkles. Any ingredient that promotes NMF helps in reducing wrinkles and achieving radiant skin. However, since the company does not offer any information about the ingredients, it would be difficult to say that the NMF related information of the product is factual.

What’s Positive

Elene Paris’s Elene Collagen Day Cream is being sold by numerous websites on the internet. The product comes from Paris, the fashion capital of the world. The company’s products are widely available. It is a topical application that contains moisturizers.

What’s Negative

There is limited information about Elene Collagen Day Cream. The product might not contain proven ingredients. Refund and retail policies rest with the retailers and not with Elene Paris. The company promotes other applications and skin care creams.

Bottom Line

The company should post more information about its product to get more customers. It is difficult to say how good the product is, without more information about its ingredients. However, some internet retailers of the product offer a money back guarantee. Moreover, the product looks promising.