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Ella Bache: Review & Comparison

Ella Bache is a French skin care brand that was established in 1936. Since then, it has grown to become a huge conglomerate that now sells skin care products in more than 40 countries.


It offers many effective products for the body and the face. You would find the products neatly classified into five product categories:-
Cleansers, lotions and exfoliants
Classic range
Soin Bio Reparateur
Radical Age-Defiance System
While you would find no customer testimonials posted on the official website, all Ella Bache products speak for themselves. Let us now know something about the anti-aging treatments that are offered by Ella Bache.
The Ella Bache Radical Age-Defiance System claims to fight against common skin dilemmas such as wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, sun damage, sagging of the facial skin and collagen loss. A separate line of skin care products, specially formulated for men, is also available.

Product Details

Ella Bache Radical Age-Defiance System consists of a comprehensive regime that includes topical solutions, day and night cream, an eye formula and an anti-wrinkle serum. Ideally, all these products are to be used in coordination with each other, but many women use these individually as well.
Some active ingredients of the Ella Bache Radical Age-Defiance System are:
A Cyto-Stimulation Complex that is meant to boost collagen production in the skin.
Grenoble Walnut Extract that helps fight against free radicals.
Celery extracts- an effective anti-oxidant.

What’s Positive

The product belongs to a well established brand. This fact helps reassure many about the effectiveness of the treatment.
The anti-aging system can also be used as a day and night cream.
You can find a comprehensive list of all Ella Bache products prices on the official website.

What’s Negative

No money back or satisfaction guarantee is offered by the product.
There is no clinical research evidence or customer testimonials mentioned on the website that would prove the effectiveness of the treatment.
The ingredients of the treatment might be extremely helpful for certain individuals and might not prove useful at all for others.
The products are not available for online sale and information regarding the complete ingredient list is also not available.

Bottom Line

The Ella Bache Anti Aging treatment is a highly potent skin care system capable of reducing all signs of aging. One must also know that because this is an overseas company, they would face problems in locating some products in the U.S. Though the product is not sold online, it can be found in some selected salons in your city. The website offers a tool that would help you find a salon that sells this product in close proximity to your home.