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Emu Oil: Review & Comparison


Emu oil is rich in Oleic acid and Linoleic acid which are known to have a nourishing effect on the skin. The oil is collected by either hanging Emu skin from a tree or by wrapping the area and letting the sun heat liquefy the fat content in the bird. Other than being used in anti-aging treatments, Emu oil is also known to have certain anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Product Details

Emu oil is available both as an oil product and as an anti-aging treatment system. Today, it is increasingly being used by a number of dermatologists to help repair the skin post cosmetic surgery. It is also used to repair damage caused to the skin by burns and incorrect chemical peel procedures.
You might find several skin care products that contain Emu oil at your local departmental store or with certain chemist stores. Though, one must be aware that Emu oil would be more conveniently found in Australia as the bird is a native of Australia. If you are not able to find an anti-aging treatment that contains Emu Oil, you can easily log on to the Internet to locate companies that sell online skin care products containing this oil.

What’s Positive

All anti-aging face treatments that contain Emu oil can be conveniently located via the Internet and even ordered online.
Besides proving to be a good anti-aging element it is also known for its anti-inflammatory and skin repairing properties.
The essential fatty acids in Emu oil are extremely good for nourishing the skin.

What’s Negative

Till date no clinical studies have shown that Emu oil is superior to the other anti-aging ingredients.
Most feedback received for skin care products containing Emu oil are very subjective.
Scientific studies have not shown any dramatic improvement in reducing the signs of aging by using Emu oil.
Since Emu oil is an animal extract, many vegetarians might want to keep away from the products that contain it.

Bottom Line

Everyday more and more skin care products containing Emu oil are being launched. Though there is a definite lack of clinical and scientific evidence regarding the effectiveness of Emu oil, still we cannot deny the fact that Emu oil is being widely used in skin care products all over the world.