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Evotique: Review & Comparison

Evotique is a peptide based serum that claims to provide similar results as Botox and that too without any visits to the doctor’s clinic or painful injections.


The anti-aging treatment rearranges the skin’s molecular structure and helps fight all visible signs of aging. The manufacturer of the serum is not unknown. What is known is that the product has two main ingredients that are manufactured by the Third Party Labs.
The first active ingredient of Evotique is Matrixil that is manufactured at a lab in France. It helps increase collagen production and has properties similar to those in Retinol. The second ingredient is Argireline, which is also a peptide manufactured in Spain. It helps calm facial muscles and prevents fresh wrinkles from forming. It also smoothens out all existing wrinkles and fine lines.
The official website of Evotique probably does not exist. This leaves us with many unanswered questions regarding the Evotique products. Whether or not there is a money back guarantee or whether there are any free trial offers? All information regarding the products is only available through the sites that are offering coupons for Evotique products.

Product Details

As a prospective user you would only be able to see effective visible results in two to six months of regular use of Evotique anti-aging serum. There is no official website to provide information regarding the application of the product. It is also not known whether the product is recommended by dermatologists and other skin care professionals.
Some active ingredients of the anti-wrinkle serum are Argireline, Matrixyl, Hydrocotyl Asisatica (Gotu Kola), Coneflower, Grapeleaf, Black Currant, Passionflower, Vitamin C. A single package of the anti-wrinkle serum costs around $70 and is available at most online stores.

What’s Positive

Evotique products contain Coneflower that is known for its several health benefits.
The product is widely available with most online stores.

What’s Negative

Lack of a manufacturer backed official website makes it difficult to learn more about the product.
There are no money back guarantees or free trials available.
Information about the product development and other clinical researches is also not available.

Bottom Line

Evotique anti-wrinkle serum contains two popular anti-aging ingredients: Matryxil and Argireline. But there are many users who are wary of using this peptide based serum because of its synthetic ingredients. Though research does not suggest any ill-effects, still the lack of a manufacturer’s backing stands in the way of the brand’s popularity.