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Faitox: Review & Comparison

Faitox-25 is a recent cream with a key slogan “Lose wrinkles without the Botox”. Faitox -25 is promoted by a cosmetic company - Jabalabs LLC.


The race to capture the anti aging cream market is on. Every anti aging cream manufacturer is trying his or her level best to influence you with a unique formula. Faitox-25 is a recent cream with a key slogan “Lose wrinkles without the Botox”. Faitox -25 is promoted by a cosmetic company - Jabalabs LLC.
So what is new about this cream? The ad says Faitox-25 “has it all”. It declares Faitox -25 has four active ingredients, while most other anti aging creams have only one or two.
Another high point in the product’s promotion is that Faitox-25 is an energy renewal serum unlike any other at a higher price. Further, Faitox-25 ad has reinforced its sales promotion with two more claims. It says the product’s packaging use biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts and claims Jabalabs, LLC, the product’s creator has conducted no animal tests. Does this product then really have an edge to make you buy it?
This anti aging cream claims to work by increasing collagen and elastin in your skin, reducing fine wrinkles, and diminishing the signs of aging. Nothing new here, because nearly all anti aging skin creams sing the same jingle. Nevertheless, Faitox-25 could well be worth a try. The price appears reasonable and the listed constituents are proven active ingredients. Moreover, the product is backed by an attractive money back guarantee.

Product Details

The website of Synovia Labs provides some details about the product. It has listed 50% Hyasol-BT, 25% Argirelene, 15% Matrixyl 3000, 10% Snap 8 and anti oxidant vitamins C and E. Faitox recommends that you use this cream twice every day. You can buy Faitox-25 online. One ounce of Faitoz-25 costs $65 at a discounted price with free shipping included. The offer has a 60-day money back guarantee. To qualify for refund, you must obtain RMA # (Refund Merchandise Authorization Number).

What’s Positive

Faitox-25 has four proven ingredients.
The product has an attractive money back guarantee.
The price appears attractive.

What’s Negative

There is no mention of any clinical trials.
Faitox-25 claim that the product is “Real Botox Alternative” is unverified.
FDA disclaimer is not supportive of Faitox-25 claims.
There is not much information available to support the credentials of the manufacturer - Jabalabs LLC.

Bottom Line

The product is not supported by any reliable clinical trials to give it an edge over other anti aging creams. Nevertheless, there are no compelling reasons for you to not buy Faitox-25. You may go ahead and try Faitox-25 just like any other beauty product in the market.