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Jan Marini: Review & Comparison

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Founded in 1994, Jan Martini is a California based company that offers professional skin care products and treatments. The company is dedicated to discovering and marketing clinically relevant skin care breakthroughs. It offers a comprehensive product line that’s focused on specific skin concerns.
Jan Martini skin care products and treatments are designed to cure common skin problems like acne, discoloration, rosacea, wrinkles, sun damaged skin etc. The company also has a wide range of products in the anti-aging line. The company takes credit for introducing glycolic acid in the cosmetic industry which helps in improving the texture and appearance of the skin.

Product Details

Jan Martini line of skin care products are designed for all skin types. The products have been grouped according to five different processes –
The company’s two most famous lines are Bioglycolic and C-ESTA. The Bioglycolic line includes products that are specifically targeted to cure problems of discoloration and acne.
C-ESTA line contains products that are loaded with ingredients such as Ascorbyl palmitate and DAE complex that help facilitate tighter and firmer skin. These products are designed to help the skin appearance from inside out.
The company’s other lines of skin care products include ingredients like retinol (Factor A Line), benzoyl peroxide (Therapeutic Line), papain (Enzyme Line), and TGF Beta-1 (Transformation Line).
The current and very famous offering from the company is the Age Intervention Line. The company claims that its Age Intervention is a breakthrough in anti-aging technology. The product line is claimed to be a combination of topical agents that can effectively boost the skin’s ability to repair the damages and target inflammatory responses that contribute to the visible signs of aging. The result would be a naturally younger, hydrated and radiant skin.

What’s Positive

The products come from Jan Martini, a renowned skin care professional with years of experience in researching and developing skin care products.
The company’s official website offers testimonials from customers, dermatologists as well as some famous celebrities.
One of the very common ingredients found in their products are peptides.
The website provides comprehensive information on all their product lines.

What’s Negative

Jan Martini lines of skin care products are not available for purchase on the company’s official website.
There is no clinical research data provided for the products’ efficiency.
The website does not include the full ingredients list for each product.
The product price is not listed on the website.
The company offers highly specialized treatments and hence, the products are quite expensive.

Bottom Line

Jan Martini offers products that range from acne to anti-aging. This comprehensive range of products makes the consumers feel that it is better to turn to some other cosmetic company that focuses only on developing anti-aging skin care products.