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Kinetin: Review & Comparison

Kinetin or N6-furfuryladenine is an anti-aging product. Its anti-oxidant properties help in slowing down the aging process of the skin. There are no known side-effects of Kinetin. In fact, it is believed to work better than creams containing retinoid and those with alpha-hydroxy acids. The presence of Kinetin in the human cells shows that the chemical is indeed beneficial to the skin.


Kinetin is derived from a plant extract and is also found in the DNA of many living beings including humans. It acts as an antioxidant and helps protect DNA strands and protein present in the cell structure. It protects them from damaging effects of oxidation and glyoxidation. Kinetin is being increasingly used in creams and lotions to help reverse signs of skin aging. Topical application of skin care products with Kinetin also ensures a healthier and smoother skin since it enhances cell division.

Product Details

Kinetin is a white powder that is mixed in creams and lotions in 0.1 to 0.2 percent and then used. Some popular beauty products that contain Kinetin are Senetek PLC’s Kinetin Plus, Kinerase Cream, Kinerase lotion, C-6 Peptide Intensive Treatment by Kinerase, and Hydrating Antioxidant Mist by Kinerase. Products with Kinetin can be used on a regular basis since they save the skin from getting sun damaged.

What’s Positive

It is naturally occurring and extracted from plants.
Kinetin meets with the approval of medical community because some of its properties have been scientifically proven to be beneficial.
It has no known side effects and is therefore considered as the ideal ingredient in anti aging creams and serums.
Many leading beauty brands use Kinetin in their products.

What’s Negative

All the properties of Kinetin are not known to even scientists. Hence its use in cosmetic products could have possible side effects.
Cells can get damaged if the amount of Kinetin in a product exceeds or does not meet the adequate limit.
Kinetin based products have not been known to contain peptides. Peptides have recently been begun to be used in skin care.
Kinetin has been tested upon in clinically created environments. However, not all the products with Kinetin are known to have been clinically tested.

Bottom Line

Kinetin has taken the cosmetic world by storm due to its proven anti aging properties. But a user of Kinetin based products needs to remember that Kinetin has not been vastly experimented upon. Not all of its properties, including the negative ones, are known. Therefore, Kinetin should not be seen as the only solution to all skin care problems.