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Lendan: Review & Comparison

The market is flooded with products that offer treatments for many skin problems. However, Lendan is one of the few companies that have products available for all skin types.


Lendan is a Spanish company that launched its skin and hair care products in the market for the first time in 1961. Since then it has enjoyed a good repute as a cosmetic brand in the international market. The company claims to use the latest technology in its products. Today, Lendan offers a variety of beauty care products including creams, moisturizers, toners, facial cleansers, masks, exfoliants, anti-aging treatment creams and sunscreen lotions.
Some of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of these products are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), sunflower oil and malt extract. Many beauty salon owners are known to use Lendan products in their treatments. But the products are also marketed to be used at individual levels especially for hair treatments, anti-acne creams, sunscreen lotions, and creams for age spot reduction.

Product Details

Lendan has developed a good marketing strategy by providing skin and hair care products for all skin and hair types. The products have been formulated to treat acne, sun damaged skin, dry skin, facial wrinkles, age spots and crow’s feet. The active ingredients found in the products help by exfoliating the dead skin cells - giving skin a cleaner, smoother and younger look.

What’s Positive

Lendan has a wide range of products that are formulated using many natural ingredients.
The company has a leading position in the international market.
All skin care treatments include sun care protection.
Lendan products cater to all skin and hair types.

What’s Negative

The official website does not include a full list of the ingredients used in the products.
There are no user testimonials posted on the website. Hence, a first time visitor might have some doubts and apprehensions.
The company does not offer full money back to people not satisfied with the products.
Lendan does not have free sample trials for potential customers.
The website does not allow for sale of products online.
Some chemicals present in the products might not be suited to certain skin/hair types.

Bottom Line

Some visitors might not be satisfied with the information given on the official website of Lendan. The website is not as information packed as it should be. The products might be really good, but there is no data provided to support the claims of the company. A list of complete ingredients is lacking - this might force a potential customer to have second thoughts.