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Lierac: Review & Comparison

A premier name in the arena of anti-aging and skin care products, Lierac is a Paris based company that has been in business for well over three decades. The brain child of Dr. Cariel, the product range is created from natural materials. Each product is designed keeping in mind the problems that different skin types face. Some common problems that these products treat are stretch marks, wrinkles and cellulite.


A result of years of research and investigations, Lierac products have been designed especially for the women of today, keeping in mind their lifestyles and needs. The aim of this range of skin care products is to restore vitality and natural freshness of the skin which gets lost with age. There are over 40 products offered by the company which include creams, facemasks, face washes and moisturizers.
All products are made from natural plant materials. Lierac aims at bringing to the consumer healthy products which are made from 100% organic natural materials. The whole range is completely safe and promises to provide complete skin care solutions, no matter what your skin type is.

Product Details

Lierac aims at helping women fight the signs of aging as well as other problems such as stretch marks, pigmentation, dark circles and almost all other issues one can think of. The range is completely safe and natural. Although a bit heavy on the pocket, Lierac products are worth their price. You can trust the company and its range.

What’s Positive

Completely, 100% natural materials are used to make the products.
The company has successfully been in business for over three decades.
The company website is well designed and available in various languages.
Official chain stores as well as reputed drug stores carry a range of products by Lierac.

What’s Negative

The range is a bit on the expensive side. The products cannot be purchased directly from the website. Complete ingredient list is not be available for some products.
No scientific proofs or clinical studies, which prove that the products actually works, are posted on the site. Serums, creams, treatment products, etc., are not backed by a guarantee, neither are free samples offered.

Bottom Line

Lierac products have been making a furor in the skin care and beauty world. If your skin is facing a beating from pollution and a tough, busy lifestyle, try these products. Although a bit on the expensive side, these skin care products serve the purpose well. But if you would rather not spend so much, you could try other options. All in all, Lierac is worth a try!