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Lifestyle Lift: Review & Comparison

Surgical processes are considered the best treatment for aging signs, especially sagging of skin. However, people generally shy away from these treatments due to the cost and risk involved. Lifestyle Life comes as a welcome alternative in the world of surgical facelifts. A comparatively easy and cost effective choice, Lifestyle Life has been providing people with anti aging solutions for the past 7 years.


Lifestyle Lift was introduced in 2001 by Dr. David Kent, a plastic surgeon. He realized that something was amiss in the market of anti aging products and decided to fill the void with a new concept. He decided to devote his techniques to taking care of the mouth and jaw areas. Thus Lifestyle Lift was born.
After 7 years of success, Lifestyle Lift is more popular than ever. Despite the process being a little expensive, people prefer it simply because it has a long term solution and little side effects.

Product Details

A cosmetic surgery procedure, Lifestyle Lift is perfect for women and men who are looking to eliminate sagging skin, fine lines, crow’s feet and other telltale signs of aging. The process is safe and, when compared with other cosmetic surgeries, does not have sky-high cost.

What’s Positive

As the process is surgical, the success rate is high.
It provides a long term solution for aging problems like wrinkles and sagging.
The Lifestyle Lift official website is quite comprehensive and impressive.
Local anesthesia is required for the procedure so the patient is conscious and knows what is being done.

What’s Negative

As the process is surgical, side effects are a major concern.
The procedure is a bit costly.
Healing time is needed and that could slow you down with your pending chores.
No clear directions of how Lifestyle Lift is performed are given on the official site.

Bottom Line

There are many anti-aging products in the market today, but they seldom work as well as they claim to. Surgery has always been effective and therefore, Lifestyle Lift has much greater chances of working, as compared to oral medicines or anti-aging creams and lotions. For a very nominal price (as far as surgeries go!), you will have a sure-shot solution to all the fine lines, sagging, crow’s feet and dark circles.
The product’s official website speaks volumes about its benefits. It also contains numerous customer testimonials, before and after pictures and even video testimonials. One look at it and you will be convinced. But all said and done, Lifestyle Lift is a surgical process and has its own risks. You need to research well before you take a decision. And also, be prepared to loosen up your pocket. After all this, if you still think that Lifestyle Lift is a good idea, go ahead with it.