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Nano Gold Energizing Cream: Review & Comparison

A product from Chantecaille, manufacturers of luxury skin care products - the Nano Gold Energizing Cream was launched in 2007. Making use of nanotechnology, this costly skin care treatment contains vital ingredients like gold and silk - that penetrate within the skin and boost blood circulation and collagen production.


The manufacturers of Nano Gold Energizing Cream have a history of producing luxury skin care treatments and cosmetic products. The company claims that this product can stimulate the production of cells and collagen through its formula. The company maintains that an increase in cell and collagen production can repair damaged skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

Product Details

Chantecaille are manufactures of luxury skin care products, which are generally costly – of them Nano Gold Energizing Cream is the most expensive of all. This formula contains silk fibers coated in gold, which are present in minute particles.
Gold has always been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes over the ages. The product is based on the use of nanotechnology, which gives a scientific base to this product.

What’s Positive

Chantecaille’s Nano Gold Energizing Cream can be purchased from a number of online suppliers as well as from plenty of retailers and department stores. It contains gold, which has always been used for medicinal treatment. It uses natural ingredients.

What’s Negative

Affordability is a major issue with the Nano Gold Energizing Cream. The cost is too high for everyone to afford. There is absence of research information about this product. The product can do with a better and informative website.

Bottom Line

At $420, a person investing in a costly cream like Nano Gold Energizing Cream will definitely expect results from it. But it is difficult to find any such commitment from the company. Although Chantecaille believes that this product is unique as it contains gold, there are other notable products like Guerlain which also contain gold.
The cost of this cream is a lot on the higher side as compared to other creams having similar formulations. It is essential to ensure that this product is indeed as effective as it claims to be before you put your money into it.