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Neuvage: Review & Comparison

Neuvage, a topical cream, protects your skin cells and promotes the production of collagen. It is an antioxidant formula that helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It also prevents other signs of aging. Woodridge Labs offer this product in the market. The pricing of this product is very competitive.


The company claims that Neuvage is a product made of a rare blend of 14 of the globe’s finest antioxidants. The product protects your skin from free radicals and environmental factors. The product helps to reduce anti aging symptoms such as wrinkles and fine lines by enhancing the moisture level, elasticity, tone and firmness of your skin. Neuvage also raises your collagen levels. However, the company does not give any information about how this formula penetrates into the skin and enhances the tone, given the fact that it is a topical cream.

Product Details

Neuvage is to be used twice a day to get good results. Woodridge Labs that manufactures the product does not offer any product details on its website. Moreover, the manufacturer does not sell Neuvage on its website. You can purchase Neuage from popular online stores that sell this product. There are a lot of product reviews available for this product online. A 3.6 ounce tube of Neuvage costs around $15.

What’s Positive

Neavage is reasonably priced and quite affordable. The product is available through popular internet shopping sites and lots of reviews are available for it. The antioxidants present in the product are highly useful in improving and enhancing the overall tone and firmness of the skin.

What’s Negative

Product details are not available on the manufacturer’s website. Also information about the ingredients of the product is missing. Woodridge Labs does not offer any scientific data regarding the efficacy of Neuvage either.

Bottom Line

Although Neuvage is being sold by popular websites, consumers could be apprehensive about the product since the company does not sell it on its own website. It also does not provide any information about its ingredients. In addition, the product seems to be missing out on powerful anti-aging ingredients. Neuvage seems to be based upon an elementary antioxidant formula. Also, clear consumer policies like 100% money back guarantee are not available for the product. However, the product has received many positive reviews which are posted on the internet. The product is highly affordable and easy to buy. You can definitely try out this unique antioxidant formula as you have nothing to lose.