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Nulase: Review & Comparison

The Minnesota based Nulase International Inc. manufactures a range of products that fall in the laser enhanced skin care category. The company products focus on replenishing, regeneration and repairing skin. The company’s motto is to harness the energies of the earth and the sun for skin care.


The company offers testimonials and before and after photographs on its website. The company also offers a unique soft touch laser tool to apply its skin creams. This laser tool activates the marine enzymes contained in the creams to help them penetrate into the skin. Nulase products reduce symptoms of anti aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. The company’s anti-aging cream also contains botanical extracts such as brown algae, sea algae, urea, linden, mugwort, cypress and seaweed. These ingredients slow down the anti-aging process and improve the skin texture. The company offers a 60 days guarantee for all its skin care products. Nevertheless, the company does not offer any free trials. You can get Nulase products from its website or through other channels.

Product Details

Nulase products focus at reducing age spots, facial wrinkles, fine lines and sun damage around the mouth and eyes. The key ingredients of these products are botanical extracts. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee on its official website. The company’s skin care product line is priced between $19 and $149. A complete regimen of Nulase skin care products costs $329. You can get the starter pack for $199.

What’s Positive

You can buy Nulase products easily through its official website. You get a 60-day money back guarantee on all its skin care products. You can find testimonials with pictures on its website. Nulase products contain botanical extracts that are known to be effective in anti-aging treatment.

What’s Negative

The products are a bit expensive when compared to products from other companies. The company does not offer any clinical data to prove the efficiency of its products. The company does not offer free trials for its products.

Bottom Line

The company’s products are unique and effective in the area of skin care. The company offers a revolutionary laser tool to stimulate the skin. However, the products are costly. It will be good if the company could offer more clinical data for its products.