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Nuvectin: Review & Comparison

Nuvectin Advanced Therapy for Fine Lines and Deep Wrinkles is manufactured by Dermaglow which falls under the umbrella of Canadian parent company Vital Science Corporation.


Nuvectin, as its name suggests, is an anti aging treatment designed specifically to get rid of and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vital Science Corporation has long been regarded as a leader in the production of safe and totally non-invasive anti wrinkle treatments.
The Dermaglow products, of which Nuvectin is one, have been clinically tested according to Vital Science. In fact, when a company combines pharmacology and naturopathy with dermatology, to produce an anti aging treatment, you can’t help but believe their claims of Nuvectin being an advanced anti wrinkle product.

Product Details

Three of Canada’s top skin care treatments have been developed by Dermaglow and now there’s Nuvectin. All their products are reportedly tested clinically in labs – and this feature is used as the major marketing ploy to promote Nuvectin as an anti aging treatment, that of being a long lasting treatment.
Nuvectin is meant to be an expert in fine line and wrinkle removal and it uses Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 as an active ingredient. This peptide complex is often known as a safer alternative to Botox. It works by relaxing the facial muscles. Sadly, it also creates a temporary paralyzing effect like Botox.
It also contains other popular ingredients used in most anti-aging products and some natural stuff like green tea, cucumber extract, grape seed, lemon, calendula etc. You can easily find a detailed list of ingredients online if you’re interested in that.

What’s Positive

Dermaglow is known for its fantastic skin care products, so it’s easy to believe that Nuvectin would be a good anti aging treatment too.
Nuvectin uses a popular peptide complex that works pretty much the same as Botox. So, it is a painless Botox treatment.
Nuvectin is very easily available online through several retailers.
Dermaglow products are clinically tested, so you can rely on Nuvectin being a good anti aging product.

What’s Negative

While Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is a great ingredient, you can’t help but wish that it didn’t have a paralyzing effect on your face.
While Dermaglow claims that Nuvectin is clinically tested, if you’re looking for more information about their research…well, that’s hard to get hold of.
Dermaglow has various anti aging treatments- each concentrating on specific issues so you might need to couple Nuvectin with other Dermaglow products to see a change.

Bottom Line

In the final analysis, we definitely give Nuvectin a thumbs-up. After all, all the previous products from the Dermaglow line have done exceptionally well. It might have a paralyzing effect on your face for a little while, but if you want a safer, non-invasive alternative to Botox – this is your best option!