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Olay Regenerist: Review & Comparison

From the well known house of Olay skin care products, we now have a relatively new anti aging treatment – the Olay Regenerist.


The Olay Regenerist is a new anti aging product and hopefully, another great product in the long line of skin care products developed by Olay. Like most Olay products, Olay Regenerist is easily available to all kinds of consumers through drugstores or online orders.
The Olay Regenerist is, in fact, a series of products including ones such as Daily Regenerating Serum, 14 Day Skin Intervention, Regenerist Filling + Sealing Wrinkle Treatment, Daily Thermal Mini Peel and many others.

Product Details

Each product in the Olay Regenerist line obviously has different ingredients that make it special and sets it apart from the others.
The Olay website is extremely useful if you’d like to research on your product first. Click on ‘products’ to see a whole list of Olay Regenerist products. Click on the one that catches your fancy to read a detailed description of the product including the directions of use, what it is best used with, ingredients, why you’ll love the particular product and other articles related to the product.
Examples of ingredients include the use of amino-peptides in the Daily Regenerating Serum, while the Olay Regenerist Filling + Sealing Wrinkle Treatment works by penetrating the surface of the skin and doing away with the nasty wrinkles.
There are about 20 Olay Regenerist products available and you can easily shop for them online if you’re satisfied with the descriptions.

What’s Positive

Olay Regenerist anti aging products are widely available, both in drug stores and online, so you won’t have trouble getting your hands on what you like.
Olay is a leader in skin care products and so, the products from this brand name are considered to be trustworthy and useful.
Olay Regenerist offers customers a huge variety of products to choose from, targeting every possible kind of aging-related skin issue.
The Olay website is useful and informative and even provides a list of ingredients. Products can even be purchased directly from the website.

What’s Negative

Olay products are very commonly available, so may not appeal to a niche market.
The products show no use of any modern anti aging ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid.

Bottom Line

Olay is a well known manufacturer of skin care products and one hopes for the best from them. However, Olay has so far been known to produce more moisturizers rather than clinically tested anti aging treatments. So, it is still left to be seen how effective the Olay Regenerist line is!