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Origins Facial Moisture: Review & Comparison

Origins Facial Moisture is yet another product line that professes to be a truly organic skin care option.


Origins Facial Moisture is a well-regarded brand in skin care offering organic products such as the Nourishing Face Lotion. It is certified to be 95% organic and serves to protect your face from further damage by restoring the lost moisture and returning softness to your face.
The Nourishing Face Lotion isn’t the only moisturizer available and the Origins Facial Moisture product line offers products such as Youthtopia as well. Youthtopia is a skin firming anti aging cream that will obviously make you appear more youthful by doing away with fine lines and wrinkles.

Product Details

Origins Facial Moisture products differ from other anti aging products by the very fact that they distinguish themselves as organic products. Their product line too contains more natural products rather than laboratory developed ingredients that are more popularly used these days.
The Nourishing Face Lotion, for examples, contains a wondrous mixture of cloves, lavender, rose, patchouli and red thyme essential oils. The combination of these ingredients and the lack of chemical ingredients in this product is supposed to work as an antioxidant for the skin.
The other famous Origins Facial Moisture product, Youthtopia uses Rhodolia or “Golden Root” as its main ingredient. Rhodolia is also rich in Vitamin C and plant peptides. Artificially developed peptides are being increasingly used these days in anti aging treatments as peptides enhance the natural production of collagen.
The use of Youthtopia for eight weeks supposedly shows a clinically proven 44% reduction of wrinkles and a 61% face lift!
Apart from these ingredients however, other detailed information is missing on the Origins Facial Moisture products on the website.

What’s Positive

Origins Facial Moisture anti aging products use only natural ingredients and studies have proven they are 95% organic.
Origins Facial Moisture provides clinical data to prove that natural ingredients can work well to make the skin appear younger.
The results can show in just eight weeks!

What’s Negative

The use of only natural products can be a negative factor for Origins Facial Moisture as the lack of enough chemicals might leave some customers unhappy.
Origins Facial Moisture products are expensive and cannot be easily afforded by all.

Bottom Line

Origins Facial Moisture anti aging products hope to be an organic, natural solution to our craving for looking younger. While clinical tests have been cited on the website that prove the effectiveness of the product, we’d still like to hear it from the mouth of real customers!