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Patricia Wexler M.D.: Review & Comparison

Patricia Wexler M.D. has named her range of anti aging treatments after herself and calls it the Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology brand.


The Patricia Wexler M.D. brand retails chiefly through Bath and Body Works. This range of anti aging treatments caters to women of every skin type.
The Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology is available for various purposes and retails under categories such as Exfoliate, Fastscription Collection, Cleanse, Restore, Moisturize, Eyecare and Acnescription Collection. There are several anti aging products available in each of these categories.
The official Patricia Wexler M.D. website offers detailed information about each product in the range, including customer reviews. However, the website does seem to be missing a detailed ingredient list.

Product Details

The Patricia Wexler M.D. product range is definitely extensive and offers consumers products suited to every skin type and purpose.
A detailed description of each anti aging product can be viewed on the official website, so consumers can know exactly what the purpose of the product is. It even offers customer reviews and ratings for each product if you would like to know what others think of the anti aging product that interests you.
While a detailed ingredient list does seem to be missing from the Patricia Wexler M.D. website, other third party sources reveal that the key ingredients in these anti aging treatments are Matrixyl 3000 (which assists skin cell turnover), Argireline (a peptide complex that works by relaxing facial muscles to reduce wrinkles), Salicylic Acid (which helps exfoliate skin), MMPi.20 (a trademarked ingredient known to rejuvenate skin), NIACYL (another trademarked ingredient known to strengthen the skin) and Vitamin C (which brightens the skin tone).
The Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology treatments can be ordered directly from the official website, and several special offers are offered to customers interested in purchasing more than one product.

What’s Positive

The Patricia Wexler M.D. range of anti aging products can be easily purchased online.
The products use modern ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 and Argireline.
There are several customer reviews for each product so you can know what others think of these products.
The Patricia Wexler M.D. range of products suits a variety of purposes from exfoliation to restoration.

What’s Negative

A detailed list of ingredients is hard to come by.
Certain ingredients used in the products are not suited to every skin type.

Bottom Line

Patricia Wexler M.D. anti aging products are definitely gaining in popularity and seem to be reasonably priced as well. However, it would help customers if they could know more about the ingredients used to manufacture these products.