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Pentaxyl: Review & Comparison

Pentaxyl is a modern anti aging cream that claims to reduce wrinkles as well as stretch marks.


As an anti aging treatment, Pentaxyl works by not just delaying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also by doing away with the appearance of stretch marks that tend to appear with age.
Pentaxyl is best described as a cosmoceutical (a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical product) that promises to rejuvenate the skin. It works extremely well by adding moisture to dehydrated skin to bring about a firmness of the skin and improvement in the texture and color of skin. These are usually the most commonly reported problems of aging skin.

Product Details

The official website for Pentaxyl doesn’t offer too much information about this anti wrinkle product apart from the obvious benefits of using it. The lack of proper information on Pentaxyl could make it hard for some users to decide whether the product is for them.
A detailed ingredient list for anti aging treatment, Pentaxyl is hard to find and not available on the website. Further research has shown that Pentaxyl contain acetyl hexapeptide – 3, better known as Argireline and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide – 3, also known as Matrixyl. Both Argireline and Matrixyl are extremely popular peptide complexes that are increasingly being used in anti wrinkle products, these days. A combination of the two ingredients will probably render them even more effective.
Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, a third peptide complex that is used in this product helps in boosting natural collagen production.
Several other ingredients found in Pentaxyl have obviously been included for the purpose of acting as antioxidants and as hydrating agents. Popularly used ingredients such as sesame oil and shea butter are well known for being fantastic skin moisturisers. Liquorice extracts and bearberry have been used primarily to add a brightening effect to the skin and do away with age spots and skin discoloration. The inclusion of Vitamin E, C and A helps prevent further skin damage.

What’s Positive

Pentaxyl uses modern anti aging ingredients such as Argireline and Matrixyl.
It can ordered directly from the website

What’s Negative

The Pentaxyl website doesn’t offer too much information.
A detailed ingredient list is hard to find.

Bottom Line

Pentaxyl is a modern anti aging product with modern ingredients. However, a little more information online will help as consumers would like to be well informed about the product before buying it!