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ProPLEXIN: Review & Comparison

ProPLEXIN-CR is an anti ageing cream that has been widely analyzed regarding its effectiveness.


ProPLEXIN-CR is manufactured by a Pennsylvania based skin care company called, EC Research Corporation, founded in 2003. This company sells two different skin treatments.
While ProPLEXIN-CR is an anti ageing cream, the other product, Tri-LASTIN SR, is a stretch mark cream. The official website claims that ProPLEXIN-CR is an anti-aging treatment that will “visibly reduce the signs of aging” by specifically working on current fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing them and preventing future skin damage.
With daily usage, positive results are visible within two weeks. This particular product is fragrance-free. The cost of the cream is $125 per 1 oz tube and you can buy it via the ProPLEXIN-CR website.

Product Details

The ingredients of ProPLEXIN-CR include Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline® and “5 components that are scientifically proven to help promote Collagen”. However, the website does not provide the complete list of ingredients that are present in the cream, and there is no information about the names or compositions of the “5 components”.
Argireline is a neuropeptide that prevents muscle contractions that can lead to wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is an intensive moisturizer that penetrates the skin and hydrates it from within and a cryoprotectant which is a soothing agent that minimizes the negative effects of severe temperature changes on the skin and prevents wrinkle formation. The five unknown components that are present are supposed to promote collagen production which is essential for making the skin firm and youthful.
ProPLEXIN-CR is a hypoallergenic product and is useful for both men and women.

What’s Positive

ProPLEXIN-CR contains Argireline, a clinically proven wrinkle reducer and hyaluronic Acid, a clinically proven powerful skin moisturizer. ProPLEXIN-CR can be bought online via the website. The website features offers several customer testimonials and also mentions a 60 day money back guarantee. Since the company concentrates on the manufacture of two specific skin treatments and not a variety of skin products, their research seems more effective.

What’s Negative

ProPLEXIN-CR is not a clinically tested product. The manufacturing company is quite young in the area of skin treatment (founded in 2003). The website does not provide the complete ingredient list. The cream is very expensive ($125 per oz).

Bottom Line

ProPLEXIN-CR comes across as an effective, though expensive “anti-wrinkle cream” due to ingredients like Argireline and Hyaluronic acid which are proven and well regarded anti ageing agents.
However, the complete list of ingredients should be provided in the website for the customer’s knowledge. Also, the user would be more encouraged to use the cream if it were dermatologically tested. Due to presence of proven anti ageing agents and the 60 days money back guarantee, this anti wrinkle treatment is surely worth a try.