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Protox: Review & Comparison

Like other anti wrinkle products, Protox is being widely analyzed regarding its effectiveness.


Protox is a topical anti wrinkle serum that claims to repair aging skin by smoothing fine lines, crow's feet around the eyes, frown lines and wrinkles without using invasive methods like Botox or chemical peels.
There are three types of the Protox product, one being Protox 10 (for fine lines and lesser wrinkles for users from age 20-40), Protox 20 (for deeper lines and wrinkles and severe sun damage for users over 40) and Protox 3 HTP (the most powerful type of Protox available for those with heavy sun damage and deep wrinkles.)

Product Details

Protox contains active wrinkle reducers like Argireline, which is a Hexapeptide (amino acid), Sodium Hyaluronate, a powerful hydrator and seaweed extract which nourishes and moisturizes the skin. These three primary ingredients claim to reduce wrinkles, hydrate skin and repair sun damage to make it younger looking. Protox is to be applied twice daily - morning and night. This product claims to reduce facial lines, sun damage and wrinkles by 50% after a month’s application. There is no official website for Protox. The product can be bought via different online retail sites which sell it. There is no information about the company which manufacturers Protox and its experience in the area of skincare and research. However, the entire list of ingredients is available on the sites which sell it.

What’s Positive

The presence of clinically proven wrinkle reducer, Argireline and moisturizers make Protox seem as an effective anti wrinkle treatment product. The product can be bought via different online websites.

What’s Negative

There is no official website for Protox where one can find information on the product. Protox is not dermatologist approved and is not clinically tested. The user may need to use a sunscreen during daytime as some ingredients in Protox can make the skin hypersensitive to sunlight. There are no consumer testimonials to help one gauge the product’s effectiveness. The cost of Protox appears to be $90-$115 per bottle, which is expensive for the average consumer. Moreover, there is no money back guarantee or offer of free trial packs.

Bottom Line

Due to the lack of an official website and no information about the manufacturer, we cannot entirely place our trust on Protox. This product is an expensive product and since there are no money back guarantees, one might be wary about investing in a product that is not clinically tested or dermatologist approved. Although Protox may have clinically proven wrinkle reducers and moisturizers, it is wise to check out other anti wrinkle treatments available in the market.