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Regenerist: Review & Comparison

Various anti-wrinkle products are available in the market today. Regenerist is the latest anti aging skin care range to be launched by Olay. This newly launched cosmetic range has received rave reviews from the critics for its quality and effectiveness. It has become popular among the consumers because of its beneficial results. If you feel baffled with the numerous anti wrinkle products available in the market, and don’t know which product to use, then try Regenerist.


Regenerist has been developed by Olay, one of the most reputed brands in the field of skin care products. This newest product line of Olay is a scientific breakthrough that works wonders on your skin. Regular use of this anti aging cream makes you look several years younger. You will start to feel the difference from the first application itself. The age-defying formula of Regenerist also caters to the needs of different skin types. Application of this anti aging cream can replace all the other expensive procedures like Microdermabrasion, Botox or cosmetic surgery.

Product Details

Regenerist offers a wide range of products to fight different signs of aging. Its products are good for skin exfoliation, hydration and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Its different products are:
Daily Serum
Contour and Lift Treatment
Eye DermaPod Anti-Aging System
MicroSculpting Cream
Micronerm Abrasion Peel System
Targeted Tone Enhancer
Thermal Skin Polisher
Touch of Sun
Anti-Aging Lip Treatment
Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream
Eye Lifting Serum
MicroExfoliating Wet Cleansing Cloths
Daily Regenerating Cleanser
Night Recovery Moisturizing Treatment and
UV Defense Regenerating Lotion

What’s Positive

You won’t have any trouble finding Regenerist products because they are easily available in all stores.
You can buy them even online.
The product range is available at an affordable price.
Different products are available for different skin types.
Regenerist is a wide array of anti aging products fights all the signs of aging.

What’s Negative

The anti-aging cream by Regenerist does not offer a money-back guarantee.
You cannot find a complete list of its ingredients on its official website.
Customer testimonials are also not found on the official website.
This skin care range is not endorsed by any dermatologist.

Bottom Line

Regenerist is definitely effective in slowing down the aging process, but don’t expect that it will work miracles overnight!