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ReNutriv: Review & Comparison

Re Nutriv, a line of anti-aging skin care products manufactured by a popular cosmetics company called Estee Lauder is widely analyzed regarding its effectiveness.


Re Nutriv consists of four different treatments called Re Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Serum, Re Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Cream, Re Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Eye Cream and Re Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Cream Makeup SPF 15. A skin care routine with these four products will lead to a “more lifted” appearance by minimizing under-eye dark circles, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles, repairing past sun damage, protecting from UV rays and increasing production of collagen. The Re Nutriv products are supposed to be used morning and night. First the serum is to be applied after cleansing, then the cream, followed by the eye cream. The Re Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Cream Makeup SPF 15 is to be used during the day to protect from harmful UV rays.

Product Details

The USP of Re Nutriv anti aging products is its OGG1 enzyme technology. It is supposed to repair past damage, caused by the sun and prevent any further damage. However, there is no specific information in the official website as to the ingredients of OGG1 enzyme technology. Re Nutriv also contains moisturizers which hydrate and make the skin healthy. The complete list of ingredients is not provided and the product’s effectiveness is not supported by any clinical studies.

What’s Positive

All Re Nutriv products can be purchased on-line via the official website. The company, Estee Lauder has a good experience and reputation in the field of cosmetics. Besides having anti aging properties, ReNutriv products also contain moisturizers. In case of dissatisfaction, the Re Nutriv website offers a simple policy for return of products and a money back guarantee.

What’s Negative

There is no specific information about the ingredients used in OGG1 enzyme technology. Re Nutriv products are expensive ranging from $80 to $250 each. The anti aging treatment by Re Nutriv requires that the user should use all the four products. This makes the package very expensive. Many might find the idea of a skin care routine with all four products tedious and might prefer a single cream instead. The user has to ensure using the sunscreen or there might be some skin irritation due to the presence of certain ingredients, especially after sun exposure.

Bottom Line

Due to lack of information about ReNutriv’s key ingredient OGG1 enzyme technology the user cannot make any judgment on the basis of the products’ contents. ReNutriv products are expensive and the skin care regime advised is a bit cumbersome. It would be prudent decision to check out more specific anti wrinkle products in the market.