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Rhonda Allison: Review & Comparison

Rhonda Allison who refers to herself as a beauty aesthetician, created her own line of skin care products in consultation with Bio Chemists and other cosmetologists. She has also authored a book on skin peel, which she claims to have first performed at the age of thirty. Allison’s products have been in the market for over twenty eight years now.


Rhonda Allison’s skin care products are made by making use of the new technology as well as Rhonda’s in-depth studies on health, skin and chemistry. She combines all these to come up with products that help the skin maintain its health and youth. But Rhonda Allison has not kept her secrets to herself. She also shares her knowledge with other aestheticians by providing them with proper training. Her most popular products are the anti aging creams and serums. These include the Rhonda Allison Regenerating Cream and the Cherry Jubilee Enzyme.

Product Details

The Rhonda Allison Regenerating Cream is made of Retinol, Lecithin, Methyl Glycol, Castor Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Tochopherol, and Jasmine Alcohol. Apart from these chemicals, it also has Water, Aloe Vera Gel and Oil. This cream is suitable for all skin types. Regular use of the cream promotes renewal of the skin cells and smoothes the texture. The cream is priced at $78.
The Cherry Jubilee Enzyme contains L-lactic Acid, Glycerin, L-Tartaric Acid, L-Mandelic Acid, L-Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Wild Cherry Bark Extract, Cherry Puree, Pineapple Enzyme, Red Wine, Pomegranate Extract, Jasmine Alcohol, Red Grape Seed Extract,Lycopene, and Distilled Water. The Cherry Jubilee Enzyme is to be used as a mask and only applied once or twice a week. It contains natural polyphenols. Polyphenols have antioxidants that help fight the signs of aging by reducing free radicals that are present in the skin tissue. The price of this mask treatment is $75.

What’s Positive

The official Rhonda Allison website lets the visitors buy products online.
The site has contact details for those who have queries.
Rhonda Allison products are also available for treatments in beauty clinics and salons.

What’s Negative

The products aren’t available in all departmental stores. Hence, purchasing them can be a little difficult.
The products are priced high.
There are no clinical proofs to show whether the products are actually beneficial or not.

Bottom Line

Rhonda Allison has put in a lot of hard work and done thorough research before embarking on the ambitious project of making people look beautiful. However, one cannot be sure that the products actually deliver what they promise. Also, the products are no different from other anti aging products in terms of their compositions. So one can only wonder about the uniqueness of these products.