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Roc Skin Care: Review & Comparison

Roc Skin Care is a France based company and was formed by Jean-Charles Lissarrague in 1957. He and a group of dermatologists came up with Skin Care products that were specifically meant to reverse the sings of aging. Roc Skin Care products are available in the United States and Europe.


Roc Skin Care website claims that the product line has been created in collaboration with some of the best skin specialists. The idea was to make products that actually worked to make the skin retain the glow and elasticity of the youth. While there are various products available under the Skin Care range, but the purpose of all of them is to preserve the condition of the skin. Products available in the Roc Skin Care anti-wrinkle range are an eye cream, a hand treatment cream, a deep wrinkle serum, a moisturizer with SPF that is to be used regularly and a cream that is to be applied only at night.

Product Details

Chemicals found in the Roc Deep Wrinkle Serum are mainly Glycerin, Citric Acid, Nylon 12, Methyl MEA, Cyclopentasiloxane, PEG 12 Dimethicone, Laureth 23, Phenoxyethanol and Water. These are, however, not the active ingredients. One can only assume then that the active ingredients are present in too less a quantity. Hence, the product might not be as effective as claimed. Another chemical found in the product is paraben. Paraben acts as a preservative but has been discovered to have carcinogenic properties. Many leading cosmetic brands have now stopped using paraben in their products.
Retinol is also found in the Deep Wrinkle Serum. Retinol works on the skin by removing the fine lines that are already present and improving the texture of the skin. However, if too much retinol is used, it can cause skin irritation and burning. It can lead to skin dryness as well. Also, it does not seem to have an effect on very deep wrinkle lines.

What’s Positive

Roc Skin Care products do not have too much retinol present in them.
Products aren’t very expensive and are available in many departmental stores.

What’s Negative

The website does not contain any user testimonials. Hence, finding solid proof about the benefits of Roc Skin Care products is a little difficult.
There is no money back guarantee for users that are not satisfied with the products.
Presence of paraben in the products is a potential risk factor.
The anti-wrinkle products do not contain collagen, matrixyl or argireline. All these three chemicals are proven to have anti-aging effects.

Bottom Line

Some users might be satisfied with Roc Skin Care products. However, the truth remains that the products do not contain any ingredients that aren’t already found in other skin products. While the range might be effectively priced, there are other better brands available that contain more effective chemicals as well.