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Royal Gold Serum: Review & Comparison

Royal Gold Serum is manufactured by the HMS Company. The product literature claims that the serum works by reducing the already existing wrinkles and preventing the occurrence of more.


The manufacturers of the serum market the product by advertising it as a magic potion. They also assert that users will see immediate results with the use of Royal Gold Serum. The company vouches that the product contains very little oil. Based on these claims, the company offers a 110% money back guarantee to users who do not see the desired results.

Product Details

The serum is made of fatty acids, aloe oil, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. It is expensively priced and comes in six differently sized packs. The company has a good marketing strategy of selling its other products as well. They claim that the use of this serum with some other products manufactured by the company, like Royal Beauty, Royal Weekend and Royal Gold Crčme, will provide added benefits to the user. The manufacturers warrant that using the serum will give firmness and elasticity to the skin and that the results will be seen for a long time. The serum has a hydrating effect on the skin making it appear smooth and supple.

What’s Positive

Royal Gold Serum has an official website. Information on the serum is available on other websites as well.
User testimonials are available on the site. These provide valuable information on the product.
The website provides a toll free number in case the customers want to get in touch with the company directly.
There is a 110% money back offer on the product in case users do not find it benefiting their skin.

What’s Negative

The product lacks some of the latest anti-aging chemicals that are used in most of the beauty products today.
Detailed information of the ingredients used in the serum is lacking. This may put off potential customers.
There aren’t enough proofs provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product.

Bottom Line

The 110% money back offer seems to have attracted a lot of attention. But the fact remains that the Royal Gold Serum is mainly composed of nature based products. This is good news for people who are fixated on using natural products for skin treatment. However, many of the latest anti aging ingredients like Collagen are missing from the Royal Gold Serum. Hence, for people who are looking for lasting results, only chemical based stronger products will work.