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Sensai Premier The Cream: Review & Comparison

Sensai Premier The Cream is a Chinese skin care treatment that is formulated by Kanebo International. The cream is actually a moisturizer for the face, it claims to reduce wrinkles and make the skin glow with youth and vitality.


Sensai Premier The Cream is mainly targeted at women who battle wrinkles, fine lines, sagging facial skin and crow’s feet. The manufacturers claim that the cream has been created by combining the latest technology with natural products. Therefore, the cream provides positive results in a short period of time. This anti-aging product is absorbed quickly and deeply hydrates the skin making it smoother, softer and suppler. The wrinkles are also greatly reduced, giving the skin an even texture.

Product Details

Sensai Premier The Cream is mainly composed of Bukuryo, Kanzo Extract and Ginseng Extract and Kakyoku Extract. These work by hydrating, revitalizing and calming the skin respectively. The cream also helps enhance the cell production of the skin. The cream is meant for use by all skin types since it does not mention usage for any particular type. Also, it can be applied regularly. The cream is priced at $ 133 for 1.3 ounces and has been tested by dermatologists.

What’s Positive

The manufacturing company Kanebo International has been enjoying a good market reputation since 1972.
The cream is composed of some herbal products, that feature is likely to attract a lot of customers.
Sensai Premier The Cream can be easily bought online from well reputed websites like Amazon.com.

What’s Negative

The official website of Kanebo International is not well maintained. There are some links that take long to open and some fail to open completely.
The company does not offer any free samples for trial purposes.
For unsatisfied customers, there is no money back offer.
The website does not contain a complete list of ingredients found in Sensai Premier The Cream.
Some ingredients are likely to cause skin burning.
No user testimonials are provided on the website.
The cream is expensively priced.
The cream has not been clinically tested to support the claims that it makes.

Bottom Line

Kanebo International markets Sensai Premier The Cream by claiming it as an effective combination of new western technology with the herbal medicines of the east. But there aren’t any evidences to show that the product actually works to benefit the skin. Also, the high price of the product is likely to put many off from sampling it. A good idea would be to provide free sample for trials. The product will further benefit if the users are informed about its composition in detail.