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Serutox: Review & Comparison

Serutox was introduced in the market by Dr. Bakaric in Australia in 2002. It was launched as a serum to reduce facial wrinkles by helping the muscles of the face relax. The serum works on the area around the forehead and eyes but typically helps relieve wrinkles on the glabellar and crow’s feet area.


Serutox is now available in twenty one countries and Dr. Bakaric wants to launch it in China and Philippines as well. Serutox claims to be a painless alternative to Botox. It relaxes the muscles unlike Botox injections that paralyze them. The product needs to be used regularly for three months. Visible results can be seen in three to six weeks. Serutox claims to be less expensive than painful surgeries.

Product Details

Serutox has 10 % Argireline as an active ingredient. Serutox manufacturers claim to have patented Argireline. But there are other cosmetic brands as well that have been making use of Argireline in their products. The main quality of this amino acid is to arrest the signs of skin aging. The product is known to contain very less chemicals and therefore is unlikely to cause any side effects. Its use is safe for all skin types, including skin that’s suffering from acne.

What’s Positive

Serutox can be bought online from the official website.
Serutox is composed of the anti-aging amino acid Argireline.
Dissatisfied users can claim their money back in a 60-day money back offer.
The serum is non-invasive. This means that it is unlikely to cause any side effects.

What’s Negative

Manufacturers have listed three ingredients that go into the making of Serutox. While one is Argireline, there is no mention of the other two.
The serum does not contain collagen. Collagen has been proven to have immense benefits on the elasticity of the skin.
User testimonials on the official website are not very satisfactory in nature.
Serutox is not offered in the combination of any other skin benefitting product such as SPF.
There are no clinical tests to prove the claims of the company.

Bottom Line

Serutox takes around six weeks to show positive results on the skin. This is not a user-friendly product for someone who’s looking for quick results. Also, it works only on two main areas of the face. A person suffering from wrinkles on areas apart from eyes and forehead is thus likely to be disappointed. The product information makes no mention of improving the already damaged skin.